Bio Waste Management

The Central Government of India created new standards and operation procedures for BIO MEDICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT AND HANDLING and these rules requiring Medical Care Facilities including Hospitals, Labs, Clinics and all facilities that generate and dispose Biomedical Waste to apply barcoding on the disposable bags and containers.
BRITAVA Tech. & Marketing has created a solution for Medical Facilities and Operators which helps them manage the whole system as per the compliance required.
The application consists of an Online Module and Offline Module. The Online Module enables the Medical care facilities to generate Barcode Labels and track the movement of the waste bags to the Operator. The offline Module allows the facility to generate the barcode label and fix it on the Bags and print and export the reports as per requirement by the complaince team.
The Application requires the following:

@ Medical Care Facility:
Barcode Printer
Barcode Scanner
Software Application to Print and Manage Dispatches.

@ Operator
Barcode Scanner
Software Application to Print and Manage the Receivings from Medical Facilities

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